People react to drugs differently. Pharmacogenetics tests explore whether the presence of a particular variation of a gene influences the effectiveness or the side effects of a given medication.

Pharmacogenetics which applies technologies, methods and discoveries from the field of genomics to improve the efficacy and safety of therapeutics, offers clinicians the opportunity to individualise drug therapy for patients based on their genetic makeup.


It enables personalised medicine, which is the use of information from a patient’s genotype to select a medication, provide a therapy, or initiate a preventative measure that is particularly suited to that patient.


Testing patients prior to drug therapy to determine their likely response, especially severe side effects, is critical in any effective treatment.


We offer the following tests using Sanger sequencing.


  • TPMT for 6-MP toxicity (myelosuppression)
  • DPYD for 5-FU (severe toxicity especially in pediatric patients)
  • UGT1A1 for irinotecan treatment (risk of fatal neutropenia)


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