Fetal Maternal Health

We partner you to ensure a healthy foetus from pre-implantation to the delivery of a healthy baby. Our full range of affordable services is available for the first time right here in Asia and under one roof, for your convenience and peace of mind.

Our highly efficient team equipped with scientific and technical expertise, dedicated to develop clinical application in human reproductive healthcare, is at your service.


We proudly provide an entire range of state-of-the-art tests with high reliability to fulfil the unmet needs in reproductive challenging areas such as:


  • recurrent miscarriage
  • unsuccessful IVF
  • unexplained infertility
  • male factor infertility
  • family history of chromosomal abnormalities
  • inherited genetic disorders


Every test result we provide is personalised. It is coordinated and integrated by our in-house engineered information system or LIS to generate a highly specific and customized report for each sample or individual.


Our sophisticated and unique reproductive healthcare test menu is also constantly advancing and customized for ever-growing needs. This is ensured by our continuous research efforts through our collaboration with scientists in our Scientific Advisory Board and prestigious research institutions including the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


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Angsana bridges the gap between research, testing and treatment.