Allergy & Molecular Allergology

Better identify and manage your allergies so that you can make smarter choices, boost your immunity and live healthier.

Many of us suffer from allergies that range from being mildly disruptive to our daily lives to even possibly life-threatening.


At a basic level we are able to do a test to determine the source of our allergies and then avoid it as far as possible or seek medical treatment when we have an allergic reaction.


At Angsana, we use innovative diagnostics tools to provide allergy screening that can be done at a much deeper molecular level to enable a more refined diagnosis of the allergy.


The test is done at our labs in Asia, which means you get results that are:


  • Fit the Asian profile
  • More accurate
  • More affordable
  • Faster
  • Highly sensitive
  • More specificity



What is Molecular Allergology?


Single allergen components can be produced from an allergen source and a person’s sensitivity to these components can be measured individually in separate tests to pinpoint, on an exact molecular level, which particular component the patient is sensitive to.


For example, some people find that they are allergic to peanuts. Molecular Allergology enables you to know which specific component in the peanut you are allergic to. These allergen components provide unique clues in revealing the specific source of an allergy. Risk factors and treatment outcomes can then be more accurately tailored to your specific needs.


This takes the diagnosis and management of allergies and autoimmune disorders to a whole new level.


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